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The ultimate platform for building ai-powered chatbots to grow and scale your business online.

100's of Integrations

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Build, configure, and deploy
chatbots with no coding experience.

Start with a playbook

Easily create and customize your chatbot or grab a template that fits your business goals.

Conversational ai

Visually build, configure and train chatbots to do just about anything with our ai builder.

Business Integration

Easily integrates into your email, crm, website, messaging apps and much more with zapier.

Analyze and Optimize

View detailed analytics and actionable insights through a single dashboard in real-time.

What can chatbots do?

Create chatbots that engage with your visitors answer their questions and recommend your product or services.

Greet visitors instantly and personally

Answers questions and offer suggestions

Qualify leads and book appointments

Collects information in a more natural way

Enable commerce and take payments

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Customer Engagement

Understand how your online visitors arrive to your website or app, answer their questions, solve their problems and turn opportunities into new customers.

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Made for any industry

Browse our pre-built playbooks. Click on any of the following samples to experience a chatbot conversation.

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Will I need extensive training to use Botfinity?

Not at all, Botfinity has been created to minimize the learning curve as much as possible. All the tools have been designed in a way to easy understand what's taking place in every conversation and interaction.

Why choose Botfinity over other chatbot softwares?

You get everything you need to build, train and manage ai chatbots through single platform and you also get a full dedicated development team who will do everything for you on our business plans.

Do you have designs for every industry or niche?

Botfinity has an ever-growing library of templates giving you tonnes of variety from different niches, themes, colors and layouts!

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